Commission Transports 11/04/17

9h30 - 12h30 : VOTES 

 Digitising European Industry (Opinion to ITRE INI) – vote/Telička
 European Standards – implementation of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012 (Opinion to IMCO INI) – vote/ Telička
 Proposal for Directive on registration of persons sailing on board passenger ships operating to or from ports of
the Community – vote/Bilbao
 Proposal for Directive on a system of inspections for the safe operation of ro-ro-ferry and high speed passenger
craft in regular service – vote/Riquet
 Proposal for Directive on safety rules and standards for passenger ships – vote/Aiuto
 A European agenda for collaborative economy (opinion to IMCO) – vote/Kyllönen
 Proposal for a Regulation as regards promotion of Internet connectivity in local communities (Opinion to ITRE) –
 Report on connectivity for a Competitive Digital Single market (Opinion to ITRE) – vote/Złotowski
 Accessibility requirements for products and services (opinion to IMCO) – vote/Taylor

 Hearing on “Women and Transport – the role of women in solving the shortage of qualified staff in transport”

15h - 18h30
Exchange of views with TEN-T Coordinators Péter Balázs, Karla Peijs and Brian Simpson on “Enabling multi-modality and efficient freight logistics”

Scrutiny: Presentation by the Commission of the draft Delegated Act on adoption and review of technical specifications for interoperability



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